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Five important reasons to become a participating provider

As an obstetrician, family practice physician who delivers, or nurse midwife, you want to provide the best possible coverage for your patients. Additionally, you want the best possible coverage for yourself as well. Participating in the Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program provides both in the event of a qualifying birth.

1. Best Possible Care For Child – Obviously no one desires a birth-injury to occur. Unfortunately, they do. In the case of a qualifying birth, the child will receive a lifetime of medical care and many other benefits including housing and transportation assistance, and even a worker’s compensation style benefit between the ages of 18 and 65. According to a recent Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission report, children in the Birth-Injury Program fare better than children receiving a tort remedy.*

2. No Expensive & Time Consuming Court Case – Through this unique program, should a qualifying birth-injury occur, you would not face an expensive and possibly difficult court case. You also do not have to spend hours or days out of the office. Qualifying births are handled administratively through the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

3. A Malpractice Insurance Credit – When you participate, you are entitled by law to a malpractice coverage credit from your insurance company. This credit varies by each insurance carrier, however, in many cases it covers most or all of the cost of participating in the Birth-Injury Program.

4. A No Fault Approach – The purpose of the Birth-Injury Program is to assure continued access to obstetrical care and take care of qualifying children. As a no-fault program, qualifying events are not reported to the National Practitioner Database.

5. Begin Anytime – You can become a participating provider at any point during the year and the fee will be prorated. (However, by law there is a 30-day waiting period before coverage becomes effective.)

To become a participating provider just complete this simple contract.

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