Liability Insurance Carriers

For General Liability Insurers

Virginia’s liability insurance carriers play a key role in the success of the Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program. As with the physician assessments, when determined necessary by the State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance, liability insurers in Virginia are assessed one-quarter of one percent (.025) of net direct premiums to support the Program (§38.2-5021).

For Malpractice Insurers

Many malpractice carriers now either require or highly recommend that the delivering physicians they insure participate in the Birth-Injury Program. These companies believe it’s a wise decision for everyone involved. If you are a malpractice carrier and have questions about the Program, please contact us.

Reporting Form

State law requires that malpractice carriers notify the Birth-Injury Program when they become aware of possible qualifying birth attended by a physician they insure and that is a participant in the Birth-Injury Program. Please use the following form to make such reports.

Malpractice Insurer Report Form (65 K)