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Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program
7501 Boulders View Drive, Suite 210
Richmond, VA 23225

Fax: 804-330-3054

Note: To email a staff member, please use their first initial and last name followed by (Except for the Administrative Assistant which is admasst followed by

Hallea Ross
Administrative Assistant

For questions regarding the Program entry process, status of claims currently under review by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, and for all questions regarding Program receipt of materials including reimbursements and general office information.
804-330-2471 X 3010

Ronda Holloway

Accounting Supervisor
For questions concerning reimbursement checks, invoice/bill payments, nursing checks.
804-330-2471 X3090

Natalie Edwards
Benefits & Claims Specialist
804-330-2471 X 3060
For questions For questions regarding Program’s housing and transportation benefits.

Paula Ward
Provider Relations Coordinator
For questions regarding hospital and physician participation.
804-330-2471 X 3040

Dawn McCoy, MPP
Executive Director
804-330-2471 X 3071